July 15, 2021

Hot Summers and Bees (030)

It’s been hot in Ohio so far this summer (and a lot of other places too) but it’s also been wet.  Hot and wet can make keeping be…

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July 8, 2021

A Close Look At The 2020-2021 BIP Annual Loss Survey (029)

How many colonies had to be replaced last year? How many in winter, summer, total? How many beekeepers were surveyed? How many co…

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July 1, 2021

Dealing With Neighbors (028)

A question from a book written 107 years ago comes up for discussion. “How do you keep your bees from bothering your neighbors?” …

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June 24, 2021

Euthanizing Honey Bees (027)

It’s rare, very rare, but sometimes beekeepers have to kill all the bees in a colony. It can be a tragic, emotional and usually i…

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June 17, 2021

Beekeeping Good Neighbor Golden Rules (026)

Let’s face it. Unless you live in an isolated part of the world, if you keep bees, you will need to eventually deal with encounte…

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June 10, 2021

Package Queens (025)

Packages arrive with a queen and together are installed in a hive of some kind. In a few days to a week the queen is released fro…

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June 3, 2021

Questions from 1910 (024)

Today, Kim & Jim review questions and answers asked in an ancient A. I. Root Co. publication, published in 1910. What’s changed, …

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May 27, 2021

Tanging - What's All That Banging? (023)

What is tanging? Basically, beekeepers use some sort of device, an old cooking pot for instance, to make a loud noise by beating …

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May 20, 2021

Plastic & Wooden Packages (022)

Honey bees are purchased from commercial operations in business to sell bees to beekeepers. They can be sold as complete eight or…

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May 13, 2021

Old Comb (021)

Old comb. What is old comb? Old comb is that which is darkened through generations of tiny bee's feet (ok, for the technically mi…

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May 6, 2021

Spring Inspections (020)

Spring inspections, especially early spring, need a balance of not too often, but often enough to avoid problems. The first thing…

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April 29, 2021

Honey Bees Sting! (019)

Why do you keep a box full of bugs that you just know will sting? It should be an easy answer, but there’s more here that you mig…

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April 22, 2021

Eating Comb Honey (018)

So, how do you eat comb honey? It isn’t a mystery, but until you have tried eating comb honey, it can be a tad daunting. At first…

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April 15, 2021

Pollen Traps (017)

Trapping pollen will give you a source of good food for your bees, and it’s for free. And why more beekeepers don’t do it is inte…

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April 8, 2021

Nectar Flows (016)

If you keep good records every year, you’ll know about when to expect the various nectar flows your areas has almost every year a…

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April 1, 2021

Robbing! (015)

Imagine this… you walk out to your beeyard. There is a lot of activity. No problem. That’s good right? Probably a nectar flow, yo…

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March 25, 2021

Swarms (014)

Have you ever tried to capture a swarm while hanging on to the top of a 10-foot ladder that’s standing in the back of a pickup? N…

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March 18, 2021

Dealing with Bee Space (013)

How much space do bees need inside a beehive? Well, it’s between 3/16” and 5/16”, so you can figure just about a quarter inch sho…

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March 11, 2021

Outyards (012)

When you have more bees at home than you want, or your family wants, or your neighbors want, it’s time to find an outyard. There’…

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March 4, 2021

Requeening (011)

Everybody who has bees at some time will have to requeen a colony. You killed her when moving frames, she quit laying, a colony t…

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Feb. 25, 2021

Smokers and Smoker Fuel (010)

A smoker is that extra hand you always need when working bees. It’s the right tool for the job. But how smokers get used is mostl…

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Feb. 18, 2021

Packages and Nucs (009)

If you need or want to get some honey bees this spring, the two traditional means are to get a 3-pound package or a (usually) 5 f…

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Feb. 11, 2021

Hive Finishes (008)

So, you just built brand new wooden hive boxes, tops and bottoms. It all sure looks nice, doesn’t it? How do you keep it from rot…

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Feb. 4, 2021

Protective Gear (007)

What beekeepers choose to wear for protection is determined by many factors. Kim and Jim explore several of the most influential …

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