Honey Bee Obscura Podcast

Honey Bee Obscura Podcast

Short, in-depth review of all things honey bees with hosts, Kim Flottum and Jim Tew

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Smokers and Smoker Fuel (010)

Feb. 25, 2021

A smoker is that extra hand you always need when working bees. It’s the right tool for the job. But…

Packages and Nucs (009)

Feb. 18, 2021

If you need or want to get some honey bees this spring, the two traditional means are to get a 3-po…

Hive Finishes (008)

Feb. 11, 2021

So, you just built brand new wooden hive boxes, tops and bottoms. It all sure looks nice, doesn’t i…

Protective Gear (007)

Feb. 4, 2021

What beekeepers choose to wear for protection is determined by many factors. Kim and Jim explore se…

The Good Things About Beekeeping (006)

Jan. 28, 2021

Kim and Jim trade notes of the things about bees and beekeeping that are fun, enjoyable, educationa…

Bee Equipment We Use (005)

Jan. 21, 2021

When you look at a hive, you will see many different variations in hive equipment, components, tool…

About the Hosts

Kim Flottum

Host, Author

Kim Flottum attended the University Of Wisconsin, Madison, receiving a BS in Horticulture Production. While an undergrad he worked for the UW Entomology Department, researching insect control in green houses and gardens, and writing Extension Bulletins about those pests.

After graduation, he worked for the USDA Honey Bee Research Lab in Madison for four years, studying crop pollination, pesticide problems with honey bees and using honey plants in the home landscape. When the lab closed, he moved to Connecticut where he was a farm manager, producing row crop vegetables and managing an apple orchard. While there he joined the CT Beekeepers Association, became President and then CT Director to EAS. John Root was also on the EAS Board at the time, and after a year offered the job of Publications Manager and Editor of Gleanings In Bee Culture, A.I. Root’s monthly beekeeping magazine.

During his tenure at A. I. Root, he created a new magazine, BEEKeeping, Your First Three Years, and also published several books, by authors such as Clarence Collison, Mark Winston, Roger Morse, Bill Mares, Paul Jackson, Richard Taylor, Dewey Caron and Steve Tabor, along with editing three editions of The ABC and XYZ Of Bee Culture, with Roger Morse, H. Shiminuki, and Keith Delaplane. He designed the first of Root’s beekeeping web pages, and started the daily email blast CATCH THE BUZZ.

Working with The Ohio State Beekeepers Association he became President, then EAS Director. After two stints as Director, he was elected Chairman Of The Board, and was the annual President twice for meetings in Ohio, with Jim Tew as Program Chair, and in New York, with Bob Brachman. Kim also worked with the local Medina County Beekeepers Association, serving as President for several years, and teaching their Beginner’s Class. Traveling extensively, He has given lectures in 48 states and six countries.

During his 33 years as Bee Culture Editor, he produced five books of his own, including four editions of The Backyard Beekeeper, plus In Business With Bees, The Honey Handbook, First Time Beekeeping, and with Marina Marchese, The Honey Connoisseur, and to be released in 2021, Common Sense Natural Beekeeping, with Stephanie Bruneau.

He officially retired in 2019, but still consults occasionally with the new Editor, and with the Publisher of his other books. The podcasts are beginning to take more time but he still keeps a few bees, gardens, has chickens and ducks and gets to be home a lot more than he used to.

Jim Tew

Host, Author

Dr. James E. Tew is an Emeritus faculty member of The Ohio State University Entomology Department where he was the Extension Beekeeping Specialist for 33 years. He also served as a contracted professor with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University for twenty-five years as their beekeeping specialist.

Jim has taught beekeeping classes, provided extension services, and conducted applied research on honey bees and honey bee behavior - specifically pollination behavior. He received the first EAS Roger A. Morse Teaching/Extension/Regulatory Award and is a member of the Ohio Beekeeping Hall of Fame.

Jim contributes monthly articles to national beekeeping publications and has written: Beekeeping Principles, Wisdom for Beekeepers, The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver, Backyard Beekeeping, and is a co-author of ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture. He is a frequent speaker at state and national meetings and has traveled extensively to observe beekeeping techniques.