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I like this video because it’s played a lot that

End it also explains how I can get better at this craft that I can move on I’m game peas from a guy that does beekeeping and I’m probably also getting it came beers off-line so I probably will send you guys a picture of it

I like this video because it’s played a lot that I need know about beekeeping

End it also explains how I can get better at this craft that I can move on


Thanks guys. Enjoy and agree with your usually common sense approach. ABC. (aged beekeeper)

Great podcast!!

I could listen to these guys read the phone book and it would be entertaining. They’re so funny and easy to listen to but what’s even better is they know their stuff so well that they break things down and make it all seem simple. I’m a first year beekeeper and I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast.

I just love these guys!

I’ve been sitting here all afternoon listening to episode after episode as I put handles on my pottery mugs(My other hobby!) Each episode is ye perfect length and I look forward to the next! I’ve learned so much in one afternoon! I’m learning new ways to care for my bees and I am being enlightened, and entertained at the same time. I also love how they gently tease each other from time to time, it makes me chuckle! Thanks, gentlemen! Ali in Methuen MA 🎶🐝

Fave beecast

This is my favorite be related podcast by far! I have probably checked out every podcast out there on the cake and this one is best concise and informative. There is, however no substitute for membership in your-l local bee 🐝 club!

Great podcast!!

I love this podcast. Kim and Jim are absolute experts in their field and their off the cuff discussions are extremely interesting. I look forward to every Thursday for a new episode. I especially appreciate the transcripts of the episodes, which come in handy in case I need to look something up. With their Sentry of knowledge combined, these beekeepers are the crème de la crème. Keep it up guys!

A great podcast!

Tons of great knowledge with a touch of comedy to keep you coming back for more, these two know their stuff and will help educate or remind us novice to the forgetful pros on just about everything in the beekeeping world!

A pleasure

Such a pleasure to listen to two long-tine beekeepers who are as wise as they are experienced. Unlike so many other podcasts, they show a level of humility that is rare these days, especially in the world of beekeeping!

Great podcast!!

I look forward to each & every Thursday so I can listen to Kim & Jim. Their knowledge is beyond reproach & I love the format. Keep it up!! The beekeepinmg community is in good hands with these two experts!!

Entertaining, Fun & Educational

I completely enjoy listening to Kim Flottum and Jim Tew in this short and informal podcast. Best enjoyed with a cold lawn mower beer in hand! Wonderful and unpretentious.

Informative and thoughtful

I have learned so much from this podcast. Their laid back approach makes it enjoyable to listen to.

Relaxing voice of the Betterbee sponsor

Hi Jim and Kim, love the show but am really enjoying the lady’s voice who does the Betterbee sponsor, have you considered having her participate in the show a little, maybe just let her “add her 2 cents” to your observations? Sincerely Dave


I love the relaxed conversations about bees, so much information that is out there about Bees is so complicated and makes you feel like you if you don’t do it a certain way it’s always wrong. These guys are making me feel a lot more relaxed about my beekeeping worries.

Great job young fellas

I listen to a few different podcasts but by far you guys are my favorite. So much information that’s put in a way average joes like myself can understand. Also done in a fun way, I dare anyone to try to listen without learning or chuckling at some point. Thanks guys, excellent job!

The show

Hey guys I have really enjoyed the podcast. The best part is it sorta takes me back to days gone bye back at ATI. Thank you Troy Leibengood

My favorite

This is my favorite Bee Keeping podcast. Informative. Straightforward. Short. I like the back and forth between the two gentlemen that host it. It’s like evesdropping on two older men at the bee club having a conversation and then it’s over. I like short podcast but I wish this one was longer. Keep it up

Informative and fun

The discussions are light and conversational. I find that I’m picking up lots of proven techniques that I’ll be able to apply to my own hives. Thanks, gentlemen, for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

The show

Hey guys the podcasts are great. I have a mobile extracting room Jim if you ever need it. Also I’m interested in sponsoring the show let me know. Troy Leibengood

The Jim and Kim show

Short sweet and to the point if I could give it 10 stars I would

Great Beekeeping Podcast!

Excellent Podcast for all things honeybee!