Winter Reading: What's On The List? (099)

Winter tends to have a bit more time inside than outside and one way to spend that time inside is to catch up on your reading. Jim and Kim talk a bit about the books they read, the authors and publishers they like and where they get the books they read all winter.

Along with the new books, they have their preferred “old standby” books they rely on for information on a particular topic to see how management approaches have evolved (or not) over the years. Beekeeping has evolved over the years and they like to compare then with now.

How do you look for a find a new bee book for your winter? Today, you have to consider how you like to read, because just as beekeeping is evolving, book formats are also evolving. Your choice is not only hardcover and all paper, it now includes electronic formats for reading on an iPad/tablet or audible for listening.

Finally, how do you actually evaluate a book before your read it? Start with the author. Are they known or unknown? How about the publisher? Do they publish lots of books on the subject or is this the first one? And finally, what about the quality of the information in the book? Is it in line with standard beekeeping or is it a novel way of approaching a problem or idea. You can also check the ratings of the book online.

No matter what, spend some time reading this winter. It will do you and your bees some good.

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