Winter Is Coming - Winter Prep (096)

When you’ve been keeping bees for decades, sometimes you do things because that’s the way you’ve always done them, right? But the world continues to change. It has to keep up with whatever is going on wherever it’s happening. And because the world is changing, every minute of every day, doing the "same ole same ole" just because that’s what you’ve always done isn’t for maybe isn’t the best choice.

Beehive insulation is one of those things that maybe bees need, or don’t. And what about insulation for a summer hive? If they need insulation in the winter to keep warmer, why don’t they need insulation in the summer to help stay cool?

If you are going to insulate, what do you use? How much, and when do you apply it? And if you aren’t going to insulate, do you do anything to make winter better for the bees inside? Cool and damp may be the way to go say some honey bee researchers. Warm and dry say others.

If you are losing bees each winter, you’ve got to change what you are doing and when you are doing it to give your bees a chance to make it to next spring. Food, water, ventilation, insulation, varroa control. All are important in a changing world, and in a changing beehive.

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