Midnight in the Bee Yard - A Halloween Special (097)

Without a doubt, some of the most peaceful places on Earth are bee yards. Tranquil, serene and quiet with only the soft hum of the bees fanning the air through their hives floating on top the silence…

Peaceful, except when it is not.

Have you ever worked in a distant bee yard, late at night, away from home, cell service, friends, and family? What did you hear? See anything… strange? Did anything go “bump” in the night? How’d it all go for you?

On today’s episode Jim and guest co-host, Jeff Ott, sit in the Honey Bee Obscura bee yard and talk about scary moments working bees. Jim has had several… moments, to share. What would you do? What did you do?

They’re not certain if telling scary stories, long after dark in a bee yard is the best idea they’ve ever had, but since it IS the season, they invite you to join them… If you dare.

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Music: Heart & Soul by Gyom, All We Know by Midway Music, original guitar music by Jeffrey Ott

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