Consumer Honey Challenges (101)

On today’s show, Kim and Jim discuss the most common ‘complaint’ a beekeeper who sells honey encounters. This is true whether you are selling from the back of your truck, at a roadside stand or even a local farmer’s market. What do you tell your customer who brings you or asks you about granulated honey in the jar? How you answer this may make the difference between a lifelong customer or someone who never buys honey again.

How one addresses this is as varied as there are people who eat honey. From stove tops, to microwave ovens (don’t do it), to electric blankets and even sawing the plastic bear in half (don’t do this either…). Kim and Jim discuss it all.

They’re not talking about five gallon buckets or barrels of honey, but consumer’s plastic bears, mason and queenlike jars. What is the best message for your customers so they don’t needlessly throw away good honey?

Listen in to the discussion. What do you you tell your customers? Let them know in the comments below!

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